The 24th of October marked exactly 56 years since Zambia got independence. The Finnish – Zambia Association has been holding annual Independence Day celebrations from time immemorial. Zambians in Finland and friends of Zambia have gathered for evening celebratory events characterized by Zambian foods, music and quiz. It is a kind of social event FinZam community looks forward to, annually.

This year’s celebrations were different from the conventional kind the community is used to, yet interestingly unique to suit the COVID-19 pandemic times we are living in. FinZam organized a virtual Independence Day celebration in collaboration with the Zambian embassy in Sweden and other Nordic countries. In attendance were Zambian community in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and friends of Zambia from other nationalities. Zambia’s Ambassador accredited to the Nordic and Baltic States, Her Excellency Ms. Rose Salukatula was the guest of honour. The online event was attended by about 85 persons and was characterized by live musical performances, cultural dances, Zambian history and quiz.

FinZam Board wishes to thank all those who participated in the preparations of the event.

Happy 56th Independence Day Zambia!