Report on FinZam cooperating partner meetings in Lusaka in October 2020

The chairperson of FinZam Mr. Benjamin Musuku had a trip to Zambia in October. The vice chairperson, Ms. Jenna Kirkkari has relocated back to Lusaka, so the chairperson and the vice chairperson found this to be a perfect opportunity to meet some Lusaka-based cooperation and potential partners in person.

During these challenging times of Covid-19, Zoom meetings have enabled multiple meetings within the FinZam board, the community and cooperating partners. However, whenever possible, FinZam board recognizes the importance of physical meetings when agreeing on possible collaborating and cooperation. These physical meetings in Lusaka were very valuable for the future of our projects and we would like to thank the partners for making the time to meet us in person.


Meeting Cooperating Partners 

On the 19th of October 2020, Mr. Musuku and Ms. Kirkkari met with the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Mika group of companies Mr. Stephen M. Mikalile and Managing Director of Ulmart Zambia Limited Mr. Mike C. Ulendo to discuss the possibilities of collaborating with FinZam on projects of their interests.

Ms. Kirkkari presented FinZam structures and objectives of the Association to Mr. Mikalile and Mr. Ulendo. She further explained in depth every project FinZam has embarked on. In response, they showed interest in FinZam Expo and FinZam Bright Zambia projects. Possibilities related to these projects were discussed in detail and both parties saw potential in cooperation. FinZam Expo invites partners from Zambia to take part in the event next year, and Mr. Mikalile and Mr. Ulendo were very interested in this possibility.

In addition, the matter of finding sponsors for FinZam Bright Zambia project was discussed. Mr. Mikalile and Mr. Ulendo expressed the possibility to engage in a sponsorship for Bright Zambia once the project moves on to the point of gathering funds. After the presentation and conversations, the discussants agreed to start working together as cooperating partners.

On the 29th of October, representatives from Taurus Partners Group, Mr. Lwenga Mwape (Managing Director) and Mr. Patrick Kalifungwa (Chief operations officer) organized another great meeting in Lusaka. Ms. Kirkkari was able to meet them physically while Mr. Musuku connected to the meeting room via Zoom from Finland.

Ms. Kirkkari gave a similar introduction on FinZam and the projects to Mr. Mwape and Mr. Kalifungwa. They also expressed most interest towards taking part in FinZam Expo next year and sponsorship possibilities for FinZam Bright Zambia. Equally, a partnership was agreed with Taurus Partners Group and we are excited to work with them in the future!


Deafblind Project

On the same date 19th October, Mr. Musuku and Ms. Jenna went further to meet Mrs. Hellen Shakele and Mr. Simate Simate, who have been active and important partners for the FinZam Deafblind project and represent Deafblind Association of Zambia.

Mr Simate explained that ‘Deafblindness is the condition of little or no useful hearing and little or no useful sight. There are different degrees of vision loss and auditory loss within each individual, thus making the deafblind community unique with many types of deafblindness involved’.

Mrs. Shakele and Mr. Simate emphasized the importance of exposure in order to share awareness on Deafblindness, which is one of the key aims of the FinZam Deafblind project.

On the following day Mr. Musuku and Ms. Kirkkari, together with Mrs. Shakele and Mr. Simate, visited a family in Chongwe who has a deafblind son by the name of Matthew. This trip was very important for our chair and vice since as it was their first time to meet a person with a deafblind condition. Mr. Musuku and Ms. Kirkkari are very grateful to the family of Mathew, and to Mrs. Shakele and Mr. Simate for facilitating this meeting!


Bright Zambia

Later in the day, Mr Musuku and Ms Kirkkari proceeded to meet children, with their parents and guardians, needing education sponsorship under Bright Zambia project. The discussion with parents focused on modalities and criteria for ascertaining the needy and a monitoring process that would guarantee sustainability. The discussions have continued and conclusion will be communicated in due time.

Jenna Kirkkari presents FinZam projects to Mr. Stephen M. Mikalile (Chief Executive Officer and founder of Mika Group companies) and Mr. Mike C. Ulendo (Managing Director of Ulmart Zambia limited). 

From left, Mr. Mike C. Ulendo, Stephen M. Mikalile, Jenna Kirkkari (FinZam Vice Chairperson) and Benjamin Musuku (FinZam Chairperson).

FinZam flagpins presented to Mr. Stephen M. Mikalile after a fruitful discussion. Mika Group of companies and Ulmart Zambia limited are now our co-operating partners.

From left, Mrs. Shakele, Mr Simate, Ms Kirkkari and Mr. Musuku during presentation of FinZam flag pins to signify cooperation.

From left, Mathew’s mother, Mathew and Mrs Shakele. Permission to post this picture was granted by the family for the purpose of bringing awareness.

Project Bright Zambia: Children with their guardians during consultative meeting. Permission to use this picture was given by guardians for the purpose of Bright Zambia project.