FinZam Expo



Finnish-Zambian Association recognizes the need to coordinate the vast business opportunities in Zambia and Finland with the interests of organizations and individuals, through creation of a platform on which such opportunities and interests can interact. Finnish-Zambian Association has launched FinZam Expo and will hold FinZam Expo 2020 in Helsinki on the 23 of October 2020. The theme for this year’s Expo is ‘Business opportunities and Tourism in Zambia’. FinZam intends to showcase the projects that have been launched during Expo 2020.


The main goal is to participate in the process of creating opportunities and networks for groups and individuals with interests in carrying out development projects and business ventures between Zambia and Finland. It also aims to promote tourism in Zambia.


  1. Organizing annual events where organizations, companies and individuals in Finland who are already active in Zambia can showcase and exhibit their activities and objectives.
  2. Identifying organisations, companies and individuals in both Zambia and Finland who could benefit from networking with partners in either country
  3. Identifying viable ventures for investors as well as areas of need, which could benefit from development projects.


Companies, profit and nonprofit organizations and individuals with such interests.


FinZam community will support this project together with, well-wishers and cooperating partners in Finland and Zambia.