FinZam Bright Zambia



FinZam recognizes the value of education and its central role in a countries development. Through its broad network in Zambia, FinZam has identified the need to compliment the efforts of government to educate its people through school sponsorship of most vulnerable children. Although the education system runs through up to tertiary level, at this stage FinZam has decided to only offer sponsorship to primary and secondary school going children. FinZam has since launched FinZam Bright Zambia project, whose project mission is ‘supporting vulnerable children by improving their education status through sustaining their schooling needs’.


To sponsor 100 most vulnerable children to school in 2020.

Render assistance in areas that would complement school life.


  1. To provide school necessities to the number of children being enrolled  in the school.
  2. To sensitize the local community about the importance of education and its long-term benefits.
  3. To help provide equal opportunities to every child by increasing access to educational facilities.
  4. To reduce marginalisation in education.


This project will mainly focus on helping underprivileged children and the youth from various communities in need of the same. Our aim is to ensure that a total of 100 children between the ages of 6 to 20 years benefit this program with a strong emphasis on the most vulnerable and needful within each respective community.


Funds for sponsorship shall be raised through FinZam revenue generating activities, cooperating partners and well-wishers.